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Thomas E. Karasch and his team is on location for you in Florida. Thomas is a certified mechanic and in the car business since  1984. From 1991 until 2001 he owned and operated a Chrysler dealership in Germany. Since  2002 he is permanent  in Florida. We have access to all the big and small auto auction in the US  where you only have access with a US dealer license. That way we are able to buy cars without sales tax and can export them for you without paying the Florida sales tax. (export only)

In Clearwater Florida we  have a huge warehouse to keep you dream car dry and save until it will get shipped to Europe. Small repairs, other tires and rims, or some detailing can be done her before shipping.


Our partner in Germany, who takes care of shipping in Europe, EU papers and much more is also in the US car business for more than 15 years.



Therefore we are able to service you in 




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