A new export law was put in place March 2010

Read details here: http://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/regulations/fedregnotices/fedreg_20100222.html

Basically the new law is about:

The  US Goverment is tries to get a statistic in place to find out what and who is exporting goods. We think, the IRS wants to find out who is expoting cars without a dealers license or who is not paying taxes for their export. The US law says, who sells more than 2 cars per year needs a dealers license.  So far nobody could find out. Since March 2010 you can only export vehicles with the sellers  tax ID number. For licensed car dealers it will be no problem, but the most will charge you the sales tax even for export. Until now the private seller did not charge you sales tax, but now he has to show his tax ID number and the IRS can charge him for a possible profit he made. 

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